Happy Mother’s Day To All Those Furry Moms Out There! (Adorable Photos)

I’ve always felt that animals are much more similar to us than most people think. They take care of their young, fight intensely to provide them with food and survival skills, and then send them out into the world. While most animals probably aren’t celebrating Mother’s Day, they are good moms every day of the year (again, just like us!).

Here are some adorable photos of mamas and babies, both in the canine world and beyond, who prove that a mother is a mother, furry or not!

He’s not a pup, he’s my baby.

Looking in a mirror

Ain’t love the sweetest thing

Kisse for mama

Just a lazy day

Don’t let them fool you, Nala had all the power

My precious baby
Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Published by

Danielle Sullivan

Writer, dog lover, music fan, realistic but always a dreamer

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