NYPD, ASPCA rescue nearly 400 abused dogs and cats this year

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It looks like we can all use some good news these days and now it is a great time to share some very good news, indeed.

The “NYPD has rescued nearly 400 abused cats and dogs so far this year, and has arrested more than 100 people for the tormenting and killing of animals.”

This was reported yesterday in the NY Post:

As of Dec. 15, the NYPD has rescued 385 animals, mostly dogs — that’s more than a 150 percent spike from previous years, when the ASPCA averaged about 140 rescues per year.“It’s a tremendous increase from previous years,” said Howard Lawrence, a senior director at the ASPCA. “You’re mobilizing a police force of 35,000 people. Before it [the program] went citywide, the ASPCA had a much smaller force.”

Read the full article here.

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