10 Cold Weather Tips for Your Pets

10 Cold Weather Tips for Your Dogs

The frigid temperatures around the country are not just inconvenient; they can be incredibly dangerous for our pets. Here in New York City, we are expecting the temperature to dip to six degrees, but other parts of the country are experiencing below zero temperatures. Experts say frostbite can set in in less than 15 minutes, and animals are not exempt from this despite their furry coats.
While frostbite is bad enough, hypothermia is the most dangerous hazard when the weather gets this cold. Signs of hypothermia include “violent shivering followed by listlessness, a rectal temperature below 95°F (35°C), weak pulse, lethargy, and coma.” It can become fatal very fast.
It goes without saying that every dog and cat needs to be indoors during cold temperatures like these.

I would argue, however, that dogs and cats need to be indoors during any cold temperatures. If you are cold, they are cold, simple as that. Outdoors is no place for pets.


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