Remembering Hurricane Sandy One Year Later: Pet Rescue Photos

Remembering Hurricane Sandy One Year Later: Pet Rescue Photos
It’s hard to believe that it has been one year since Hurricane Sandy hit. Last October 29th saw a kind of destruction never before seen in the New York tri-state area. And it wasn’t just the tri-state area that was affected; 24 states in total were impacted by the superstorm.
Among those affected by the incredibly powerful storm were the most vulnerable: our pets.
All around the country, people immediately pitched in to help the innocent cats, dogs and other pets who needed to be assistance. Niki Dawson, director of disaster services for the Humane Society of the United States said that many animals were saved due to shelters being animal friendly: “Pets were either being welcomed at human shelters, or other resources were being provided if human shelters didn’t welcome pets.”

Still, thousands of animals were displaced, lost, hurt, and ailing. PetSmart Charities was one of the many organizations that immediately sprang into action to help reunite missing pets and care for those that needed food, help, hugs, and love.
As we remember what happened during that devastating week one year ago, we would like to honor those people who went above and beyond their call of duty saving animal lives all around. PetSmart Charities’ photojournalist, Sherrie Buzby chronicled how one organization came to the rescue of precious animals lives during Hurricane Sandy.
Check out the photos here.

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