Dog Saves Baby From Abusive Babysitter

Dog Saves Baby From Abusive BabysitterGreat story! I covered this amazing story for Babble last week- read here:
One smart pooch is being hailed a hero after he alerted his owners to the fact that something was just not right with their babysitter.
Last year, Benjamin and Hope Jordan moved to Charleston, South Carolina, and eagerly searched for a loving babysitter for their 7-month-old son, Finn. They soon hired 22-year-old Alexis Khan. A background check was performed and the Jordans believed they had found a good caretaker.
But after about five months of employment, they noticed that their dog became aggressive toward Khan and attempted to defend Finn when the she came over. The couple became suspicious and decided to place an iPhone under the couch to tape what was going on when they were at work, and what they heard was heartbreaking.

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