20 Adorable Photos of Dogs As Pillows

Like many animal lovers, I’m of the belief that a dog is not just a pet. When a dog comes into your life, that pup becomes family. Like any child, they have their own way of settling into the family dynamic: grabbing extra treats, enjoying long naps with your and the human kids, and soaking up up all the available love.
Most of my friends share their own beds with dogs. Our Django sleeps with us every single night and has managed to carve out the small space between my husband and me to sleep snuggly. But that’s at night. During the day, she usually naps on the couch or with the kids on their bed if they are doing homework or watching TV. Some of the cutest moments have been when the kids and the dogs have both fallen asleep. Most of the time Django uses the kids as pillows but sometimes the children have used Django as their own private fluffy pillows, and she likes it just fine.
Do you ever use your dogs as pillows? It seems a lot of us do, and I can’t quite figure out if we humans love it more, or if the pups get the most out of the deal. Check out these adorable photos of people (and animals) using dogs as pillows.

Dogs As Pillows

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