Ebbie the Beagle’s Amazing Transformation After Being Rescued From Animal Testing Lab (Video)

This is Ebbie when he was rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project
It is hard to believe that in 2013, animal testing on dogs still exists, but in our own country alone, over 70,000 dogs are victims of animal laboratory testing. Shocking, isn’t it? It both shocks and horrifies me to my core. I would like to think that in the United States, that such travesties would be illegal, but apparently they are not. So what can we do? We can share beautiful stories like this one. This is the story of Ebbie the beagle, a beautiful and loving dog who was rescued from an animal testing laboratory in Spain.
Ebbie was found by the kind and wonderful people of the Beagle Freedom Project. Since beagles have a loving nature and will not attack lab workers, they are specifically targeted for animal testing. When a lab in Spain closed down, they had 40 beagles who would be killed if not rescued, so the Beagle Freedom Project stepped in and brought all the dogs back to the United States.

Ebbie was in particularly bad shape when he arrived here. He couldn’t eat or drink and was wasting away. He couldn’t walk because his legs had atrophied form spending his life in a cage, and he had tumors all over his body.
Shannon Keith, founder of the Beagle Freedom Project (who also rescues other types of dogs), thought it might be the last days for Ebbie who had given up the will to live, and she hand fed him little bits of food all day long just trying to make his last days enjoyable. Then she had an idea. The organization had a new litter of rescued pit bull puppies and Shannon placed them with Ebbie.  Between Shannon’s loving care and the new life from the puppies, Ebbie slowly but surely began to heal.
Watch Ebbie the Beagle's Amazing Transformation After Being Rescued From Animal Testing Lab
Sweet Ebbie today after tender, loving care
This story is really one in which you must see for yourself. Ebbie is such a loving, beautiful animal and his story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming, but I can promise you this video will leave you smiling. 

animal testing recue ebbie the beagle

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