Reporting Animal Cruelty: 10 Ways To Help

report animal cruelty
Witnessing an animal cruelty or seeing an animal that has obviously been abused or neglected is gut-wrenching. You want to help that animal now, but you may also feel paralyzed, not knowing exactly what to do at the given moment. Confronting an angry owner is not the wisest choice. It’s been well established that people who hurt animals will also hurt people.
So what do you do? Take specific mental notes always helps. But who do you call, local police or animal welfare agency? And how do you ensure that the abuser doesn’t get away with his/her abuse, or even worse, that the animal doesn’t endure worse treatment. How do you make sure that the animal gets immediate care?
Reporting animal cruelty is vital because they cannot help themselves; it is our duty to step in. Check out my post on Babble Pets for 10 tips for reporting animal cruelty courtesy of one the largest animal welfare agencies, the ASPCA.

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