Memorial Day Dogs Celebrate Summer!

It is not just us humans who have been looking forward to the summer of 2013; our canine counterparts are pretty pumped up that summer is nearly here (albeit unofficially). These Memorial Day dogs are gearing up for the big weekend.
You see, it’s been a long doggone winter for many of us. Just a few days ago here in NYC, it was 42 degrees which made Django and Hayley snuggle up under the down comforter and refuse to come out. But now, with the weather warming up slightly, they are also getting ready.
While it may not be mojitos and tans they are seeking, pups everywhere are just itching for sun and waves.
Click here to see slap happy  Memorial Day dogs and their reasons why they just cannot wait to get the party started!

Memorial Day Dogs Celebrate Summer some puppy to love danielle sullivan

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