Happy Mother’s Day To All The Puppy Mamas!

The more I think about the difficulties of parenting, the sacrifice, responsibilities and duties, the more I am struck by  how similar it is to parenting a puppy. Many of us are pet parents and give of ourselves everyday for our precious animals. We love and take care of them the way we do our children…after all, they are our children, albeit furry children.

So I wanted to recognize all the fur mamas out there today who are raising happy and healthy pups because even though they can’t say it or hand us a card or make us breakfast in bed, our pups appreciate every walk at the crack of dawn, every savored treat after dinner, every pat on the head, and every snuggle in bed.

Wishing you all a very Happy Mother’s Day- enjoy your pups today!


Published by

Danielle Sullivan

Writer, dog lover, music fan, realistic but always a dreamer

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