Tick Prevention: 10 Things You Need To Know

ticks, fleas, dogs
Finding ticks on your dog or cat is one of the more troubling parts of being a pet owner. Not only can the dreaded tick carry harmful disease to your beloved pet but it can also infect your children and family. Since May is Lyme Disease Awareness month, there is no better time to think about tick prevention. Shortly after we adopted our dog, Hayley, my daughter found a tick on the back of her hind leg and thus began our introduction to those nasty little creatures.
40,000 human cases of Lyme disease are documented in the United States each year, and countless pets are also infected. Lyme disease is a debilitating disease. Early symptoms include fatigue, fever, depression, and rash. Since these early signs could also account for a host of other ailments (or simply just an indication that you are wearing yourself too thin), it can be difficult to pinpoint in humans and animals. In addition, the strange weather this year has lead many experts to predict that more insects will be abound this summer than usual.
It is imperative that pet owners remain vigilant about preventing tick infestation in their dogs and cats. While it is not always easy to keep your eye on a rambunctious canine or kitty, there are simple ways to greatly reduce the odds of your pet contracting harmful ticks. The time to think about ticks is now- beforeyour dog or cat ever gets them.

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