20 Quotes With Feel-Good Photos To Find Comfort After The Boston Tragedy

Absorbing what happened in Boston will be an ongoing process for many… even those who were lucky enough to not be personally affected. For those of us in New York City, news of the terrorist bombings sent many of us straight into the despair of the aftermath of 9/11.
All that we can do now is pray for everyone involved, that they find peace and comfort,  and know that we are all thinking about them. I saw a nice sentiment on Facebook today about how the best thing each one of us can do is do something kind for a friend, elderly neighbor, or animal. That sounds like a beautiful way to put out some kindness into a world that needs it a lot right now.
As pet owners, we all know that a hug from our pup or kitty works wonders in relieving a heavy heart.
Click here to see photos of beautiful, loving animals, and read comforting quotes about how much they help us everyday.

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