Dogs and Cats: Their Secret Love Story (Photos)

Dogs and Cats: Their Secret Love Story (Photos) via BabbleThere is that age-old myth that cats hate dogs, and vice versa. It’s been well documented in cartoons, books, movies, and more. Ever since I watched Tom and Jerry as a kid, I was skeptical, though.
I had two big dogs, a German Shepherd mix and a Rottweiler/Doberman blend, and both of them loved our cats. They would curl up with them o the floor night after night…all one big, happy family.
But, flash forward 20 years later, and my dogs, Hayley and Django want nothing to do with the cats except to run after them. Hayley the Chihuahua mix, pretty much ignores them, but Django, the lab mix, goes after them at any given moment.
Still, I have a feeling they have  fond affection for each other. It might be a secret love…. like the pups and kitties in these photos. 
Click through for the evidence…

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