Amazing: Bulldog Meets Trampoline (VIDEO)

mudd 300x168 Amazing: Bulldog Meets Trampoline (VIDEO)

Mudd gearing up for his routine.
Bulldogs aren’t what you might consider the most physically active dogs.
In fact, many of them are more than happy to find a quiet spot in the corner and become a couch potato all day long.
But not so for Mudd the bulldog.
In a YouTube video entitled (what else?)Presenting…Mudd The Wonder Dog, fun-loving Mudd is placed on a backyard trampoline by his owners who seem to be just tickled by his enthusiasm.
Once on the contraption, Mudd proceeds to run around on it, sort of half jumping and fast walking at the same time.
Then he starts his routine. Mudd starts to do somersaults and sideflips.
In just three weeks, the video already has over two million hits.
See for yourself:

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