Vet House Calls On The Rise

pup vet 300x199 Vet House Calls On The Rise
Sometimes a vet coming to your house is so much easier on you, and less stressful on your dog.

I used to have a dog that could sense a trip to the vet from a mile away. She would tell immediately upon leaving our house that we were en route and drag behind not wanting to go. She had a sixth sense when it came to a doc visit. As a Rottweiler, she was quite large, so it became a struggle to actually get her to the vet’s office. And that was in good weather. If it was raining or very cold, it made the trip worse.
I know I’m not alone because I’ve met many people whose dogs have this sixth sense about vet visits. So it’s a great idea when vets make good old-fashioned house calls. In fact, according to a recent article on VetStreet, it looks like vet house calls are on the rise.
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