Does Your Little Dog Fight With Big Dogs?

chihuahua copy 300x225 Does Your Little Dog Fight With Big Dogs?
With a little patience, you can tame your lil reactive pup.
My Chihuahua is the typical little dog. She’ll bark incessantly at dogs who could easily tear her little head off. The toughest Chihuahua on the block, (OK, the only Chihuahua on the block), she is clearly not intimidated.
Or is she?
It looks like she is, in fact, according to Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, animal behaviorist and author of How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves.  
Yin says thatsome little dogs have two things against them, which is often why they pick fights with the quiet Rottweiler or German Shepherd just minding his own business.
First of all, a pint-sized pup doesn’t notice that the big Lab next to them is behaving, all they see is a looming figure before them and it frightens them. When they are intimidated, they immediately act aggressively. In addition to that some little dogs, like Terriers, just have a natural predisposition to reactivity and poor impulse control.
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