10 States With Most Dog Bites

dog bite 300x300 10 States With Most Dog Bites
Is your state on the list?

It’s every owner’s worst nightmare that their dog might actually bite someone. You might recall that it’s not always the big, aggressive dogs that you think which bite people the most. Often, it’s the smaller, tiny dogs that bite.
Either way, dog bites can equal insurance claims. Most dog bite cases end up in civil courts with people suing the owners. Many times, owners will tell people not to pet their dog and they will still do it. I’m not sure I can say that you deserve claim money in those cases.
Insurance companies process a lot of dog bite claims in any given year. State Farm did an analysis and tracked which states receive the most dog bites claim.

aggressive dogs danielle sullivan dog bite claims dog bites states with most dog bites top states for dog bites

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