Dog Flipping, A Fast Growing and Alarming Internet Trend

frankie Dog Flipping, A Fast Growing and Alarming Internet Trend
Frankie was rescued back from dog flippers, and is happy and healthy now.

A horrible internet trend has making the rounds in animal shelters and through private puppy sales. It’s called dog flipping. It occurs when people come in to adopt a puppy or a dog and say it will be a pet, but once the dog leaves the premises, the buyers either put them up for sale or ship them overseas to be used as breeders in puppy mills. Horrifically, some of these innocent pups are used as bait in dog fights.
And the people who ‘dog flip’ are incredibly crafty, often devising sob stories trying to win over the empathy of the seller. Shelters are being warned to be aware of any potential ‘dog flippers’.
While this phenomena is making waves online, unfortunately it is not new and has been around for a while.
Read the full story at Babble Pets…

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