Heartwarming Video: Man’s Best Friend Reunites With Military Dad

Thunderpaws 300x225 Heartwarming Video: Mans Best Friend Reunites With Military Dad
There’s nothing like a hug from man’s best friend!

Anyone who has ever loved a dog understands the bond between a human and their pup. It’s unbreakable and unconditional. Even if the owner is away for months, they will never forget them.

My black lab pup goes completely crazy when I come home, even if I’m only gone 15 minutes. She jumps up on me and hugs me with both paws around my neck. I honestly get a better greeting from her than my kids!

So when I saw the video of a military service member reuniting with his dog after being away on duty for over nine months, I couldn’t help but think of my puppy.

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Danielle Sullivan

Writer, dog lover, music fan, realistic but always a dreamer

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