Kitty Video Showing Motherly Love Goes Viral

kitty video motherly love

Looking for a good pick-me-up? You might not find a better mood booster than watching furry kittens, which is probably why the video (see below) showing a mother cat and her newborn kitten has gone viral on the Internet over the past few days.

In just a few days since it was uploaded to YouTube, it has already received over 13 million views.
In the video, a mother cat is resting with her newborn kitty next to her. Her furry paw is draped over the kitten. As they sleep, they stretch and move and the mother’s hug only becomes more pronounced and affectionate. Besides showing how much animals and humans are similar as mothers, it also displays the supreme instinctual habits of our four-legged friends.

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animal instinct cat mom hugs baby kitten danielle sullivan mother's love motherly instinct

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