Blizzard 2010: Still Digging Out!

Earl Wilson/ NY Times
You know how you watch the news and they call for really bad weather, and you think, sure, I’ll believe when I see it.” Well, that’s what I thought when they said the snow would be that bad the day after Christmas. Boy, was I wrong!
Here in Brooklyn, we are still digging out. The news says officially it is somewhere below 30 inches, but I think we have more in our neighborhood. We’re close to the water by Sheepshead Bay and the drifts are just incredible. Our sled is buried somewhere in the yard and we cannot find it. (and keep in mind, it is standing up somewhere beneath the snow, not flat.)
Yesterday, the girls and I shoveled at least 6 times, and still today I could barely open the back door when we got up this morning. My son helps in bits and pieces but he mostly just plays. Wonder why there’s no mention of hubby? Ask Mayor Bloomberg…..NYPD has been on ridiculously long shifts and he will be hitting the 24-hour mark on duty shortly. If and when he ever gets released, I am hoping he’ll be able to find a way back home. His car is most likely buried outside the precinct.
But our inconveniences are small compared to the many that have it much worse than we do. The A train got stuck near Kennedy Airport around 1am last night, so all those trying to get back from the airport figured the train would get them home the fastest. They were still stuck on it for over 5 hours for them with no food, water, or heat. Or bathrooms! To see the video of a woman calling from the train, click here.  I really feel for these people and only hope there were no kids or elderly on those trains.
There are many trains that are stuck particularly in Brooklyn, so please people- STAY HOME! Not sure why so many people are trying to travel now unless they just don’t know how bad it is out there until it’s too late. According to the MTA, there are major suspensions across the entire transportation network.
The news stations started warning people to not drive and take mass transit instead, but now experts are saying- don’t take mass transit! That is how bad conditions have worsened since yesterday.
So while the snow is fun and I am the first one to get excited when the flakes fall down, it can also be deadly and dangerous. This is one of those times. Be safe everyone!

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